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Welcome to the world of adult diagnosis, or as I like to call it, "So THAT"S what's wrong with me?!?!"

I was 23 when I read "Listening to Prozac", a book my mother had read as my brother had recently been put on it for his slight bi-polar disorder. While reading it, and had several similar "aha" moments, like you had with that article. I brought the book to my mom and asked ehr to make me an appointment with my brother's psychiatrist. The sneaky woman had already made one fro me, knowing that once I read the book, I would reach the same conclusion she had: I suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

At 23, I had had 5 majors in 6 years of college, flunked out twice, and had no degree. After diagnosis and beginning to take Prozac, I left school, got a job, returned to school, and finished with a B-average, returning to get my certificate with an A average.

20 years later, I am working AND going to school. And my OBGYN recently told me NOT to go off it when I get pregnant, a real concern (pro and con) I had been wrestling with.

I think you will be amazed at how different your life will become from here on. Congrats or making the connection and taking the step!

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